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Tottenham sets 171 million pounds for Harry Kane in hopes of no fighting

Tottenham sets 171 million pounds for harry Kane in hopes of no fighting. Tottenham’s Harry Kane set the striker up to 171 million pounds, hoping that no one would dare throw pulled the team.

         The England captain has informed the club that he wants to leave the club for the chance to succeed in the form of a championship After not having won a championship during his career with “Chicken Golden Spikes” 

         It is believed that previously, Manchester City made an offer of 100 million pounds to bring him to the team. But I’m sure that Spurs will definitely reject this offer.

         The Boots reported that the London club would not listen to an offer for Kane unless they were worth at least £171 million.

         The report claims Spurs are confident they can keep Kane at the club. And no club will spend that much money in a time like this, of course.

         Kane scored 33 goals and 17 assists in 49 games last season. He made 336 appearances on the field, scoring 221 goals and providing 47 assists.