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Ferdinand and Carragher launches war of saliva against each other.

Former England defenders Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Carragher have been pitted against each other in league matters. Saudi Arabia and the takeover of Manchester United

The pair have been embroiled in recent months, with the former Liverpool defender claiming Ferdinand was a joke during a remark during the Champions League semi-final between Inter Milan and AC Milan. in the first leg in May 

The former Manchester United star also spoke to Carragher for his criticism of the oil tycoon league, which attracts so many players from Europe at the moment. But it fell silent as former team-mates Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler both took charge of the league. Saudi Arabia

“Jamie Carragher, where are you? I can hear you talking non-stop. Saying negative things about Saudis ‘Oh Bernardo Silva, I can’t believe it, it’s embarrassing, it has to check this league’ and so much more,”

Rio told Five YouTube show.

“Steven Gerrard’s gone. You used to carry your shoes and bag to Anfield, your friend’s over there. I’ve never seen Mr. rant. I can’t hear how disappointed you are. I want to see you say ‘I can’t believe Stevie’s going there!'”

“Because this is Saudi, people go crazy. But all other countries and leagues over the past year have done the same thing.

The way Carragher did not stay still came out in response on Twitter that “Never criticize Silva, Karim Benzema, Ruben Neves or SG (Steven Gerrard). I hate where Saudis try to buy football like they buy golf!”UFABET 

Carragher also added a mouth emoji with money on it, sneering. “I know you’ll be interested, like you’re in Qatar! That’s why you refused to play in the opening game of Match of the Day – didn’t want to criticize your payers!”

Ferdinand was not indifferent either, came out and replied: “Fake news! I am open to all cultures – join the club. No need to make up stories, James! I’ve never been asked to play an opening game!”

“I have never seen you or anyone else get angry when The Premier League, Serie A, PSG, Barca, Real Madrid, Russia or more bring in talent from other leagues, make them the same!”

Carragher then turned to the Man Utd takeover, saying: “I’m not kidding. Few people have told me what could possibly happen to you about Qatar buying Manchester United a few weeks ago! If you think that the Saudi league buys players like other leagues, we must disagree!”

Ferdinand responded again that “The fact is you don’t respect the league/country/culture, but you kept quiet if your two friends Stevie and Fowler were there 10 days later!”