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Laporta reveals Messi still owes money until 2025.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta says Lionel Messi will earn money from the club until 2025. The captain of the Argentina national team parted ways with “Boon threw away” since 2021. Due to the poor financial situation of the club, unable to renew contracts with players. 

His two-year spell at Paris Saint-Germain was tumultuous with the club’s fans booing. After failing to lead the team to their dream side in the UEFA Champions League until the end of their contract. And leaving the club to play in the Champions League. Major League Soccer vs. Inter Miami 

But despite leaving Barca for nearly two years, Laporta has said Messi will continue to receive money from the club through agreed deferred wages. UFABET That contribute to the club’s finances bad which will be paid until 2025. 

“The money we owe him is a wage deferral agreed under the previous owner with Messi. Which contributed to the poor financial position of the club. Which eventually forced Messi to leave the Nou Camp said Laporta.

Moving to the United States, in addition to his big salary. Messi will also receive a share of revenue from the league’s Apple TV Plus deal and kit sales from Adidas.