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Tottenham Hotspur aimed at FC Porto’s Vitinha

Tottenham Hotspur aimed at FC Porto’s Vitina. Tottenham Hotspur have stepped up their efforts to strengthen head coach Nuno Espirito Santo for the 2021-22 season. With the latest position being a midfielder aimed at FC Porto’s Vitinha. Toto cost 17 million pounds (about 20 million euros).

According to ‘ Mercato Azul ‘, the 21- year- old midfielder is the right player. Wolverhampton When using borrowed seasons ago in the era of the manager . The team Nuno on 23 shots, all done with one goal and one Assyrian cysts.  

That made the Portuguese boss addicted and hoped to join him again, this time wanting to buy outright. Let it serve as a director . Sports Fabio Regina Martin’s proposal to El Stadio San Dragao at 17 million pounds waiting for a response.  

On the other hand, Nuno has persuaded super agent George Mendes. Who oversaw his contract and Vitina, to help lobby for the youngster to create an offensive game in London.  

Currently in the Spurs team , besides Nuno , there is also right-back Matt Doherty, who works with world-class sports agent Gestifoot.