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Ferran embraces Griezmann into the same team.

Ferran embraces Griezmann into the same team. Manchester City winger Ferran Torres has said it would be nice to have a quality player like Antoine Griezmann joining the summer transfer window. However, that’s just a personal opinion, not Bluesail’s policy at all.

Throughout the past week, with flows that the City prepare for a shooting star. The aged 30 years old from Barcelona to the Rieti Etihad Stadium to pick up the baton executioner equipment.

Which the reports sounded in two streams. As most media said the world champion striker and City were grounded. But the local news agency Manchester Evening News said the French kicker was not a target.  

But if asked from the mouth of Ferran, the owner of the deceived striker position, who may be out of the real 11 case Griezmann arrives, he tells him that there is no problem if the team goes to recruit good hosts to enhance their potential.