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Ramos urges Mbappe to stay at PSG for another year

Ramos urges Mbappe to stay at PSG for another year. Another season is better than moving to Real Madrid because he has just stepped out of that club. I know that the working atmosphere is not good. So please wait a little longer to fulfill your dreams.

Ramos urges Mbappe

Defender aged 35 years out of the residence of Santiago Bay Garden Annabella. The wireless fee of the contract which constitutes a route terminates football with the ‘ King of Clay ‘ long 16 years, amid news that conflicts with management.  

Recently, Ramos had the opportunity to sweat for a new agency during the pre – season 2021, and he also opened up about the fact that Mbappe is a youngster who is eager to chase his dreams under the roof of his favorite team ‘ Los Blancos. ‘ However, as the experienced Spanish centre-back hastily tapped the brakes. The Frenchman forward says a move away this summer would be too soon.